Draftweaver is a podcast about Solforge Draft run by Toddwords and SwarleySparkles.


Secret of Solis Set Review Part 2

Toddwords and SwarleySparkles discuss and score the new rares and commons in Secrets of Solis, including the cycle of consistent creatures (Batterhide, Forgeplate Minotaur..), the new hotness that is Borean Stormweaver, and the ultimately disappointing Zombie Titan.

Download the episode here.

Secrets of Solis Set Review Part 1

Todd and Swarley review the new set from the perspective of draft. Part 1 includes in-depth analysis of the 12 new heroics, the new mechanics and the three cycles of seals, underdrops and overload cards. All cards are rated on the 5-point scale listed below:

5 - Game-breaking bomb that is difficult to counter

4 - Very solid card you’d want in any deck regardless of archetype

3 - Role players/filler (underdrops, tricky spells) 

2 - Situational/Mediocre - Only useful in certain decks or board states

1 - Bad

We’ll post the full list of ratings after part 2 which will come out next monday, September 1st.

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Episode 1 - Variance and Deck Archetypes

Hello all, thanks for checking out Tarsus Draftweaver, a Solforge podcast exclusively about Draft (though it may become about other forms of solforge limited should they exist ^^). 

In the first episode Toddwords and SwarleySparkles talk about variance and how it affects the three main draft deck archetypes (aggro, midrange, lategame). They also evaluate the new 2.3 cards in draft (spoiler: Todd really likes frostshatter strike).

You can download the first episode here, or listen below.